Selected Writing


  • True-ish Grit // Real Life Magazine – Rust Belt cities are turning years of neglect and decay into a soundstage for social media.
  • The House that Built the Modern Psychedelics Movement // Dwell Magazine – (w/ photos by Matt Dutile) Rick Doblin started the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies from the Arcturus, the home he built in the Florida suburbs in the 1970s. Decades later, its story speaks to the lengths we’ll go to reach ourselves, and each other.
  • Crypto was meant to solve financial corruption. The FTX scandal shows it’s got worse // The Guardian – The collapse of the feted company should provide a wake-up call to Rishi Sunak, who has been singing the praises of cryptocurrencies.
  • Where Do You Live? // e-Flux Architecture – subscriptions to globe-spanning co-living and co-working networks threaten to turn wide swaths of our cities into playgrounds for the urban elite.
  • Automatic for the Bosses // Real Life Magazine – Workers may be more affected by robots taking their bosses’ jobs than their own.
  • Engineered for Dystopia // The Baffler – Engineering is full of authoritarians who, predictably, take all the wrong lessons from pop culture.
  • Podcast Out // The New Inquiry – A sense of ennui and overdetermination binds the audience of NPR podcasts together in a bloc of obnoxious explainerism.
  • Endemic to Alienation // Protean Magazine – How Covid-19 has evolved to undermine our global society.